Come to Our Romantic Inn for Getaways in the Berkshires

Our property at the Apple Tree Inn consists of 22 hillside acres with stunning mountain views and a curving driveway leading up to the Main House.  We are located a mile and a half out of the historical and charming town of Lenox, overlooking the Lake in Stockbridge and just up the hill from the world famous Tanglewood, summer home to the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Our Main House was built in 1885 when the estate, named the Orchard, was established by Miss Cecile Bristed.  The original structure consisted of what we now call the parlor, the entrance hall, and rooms 1 through 6, 10 and 12. In 1899, the house was sold to the Pease Family and took its place during the opulent age in the Berkshiresoften referred to as “Inland Newport.”

From the Gilded Age to the last and largest Alice’s Restaurant, the Apple Tree Inn is filled with history and wonderful stories.

As a guest at our inn, you will enjoy the tranquil times of days gone by and share relaxing moments with family and friends.

Any time of year is perfect for a stay at the Apple Tree Inn, which has been restored to its original beauty and splendor.

Beautiful Grounds

The grounds of the Apple Tree Inn are wonderful at any time of year. You can see the beautiful Berkshire mountains from many parts of the property and an ever-changing variety of views from a snowy winter landscape, to trees blooming in Spring, to the beauty of summer flowers to the wonderful Fall foliage. There are many beautiful trees, plants, birds and animals. I truly enjoy my commute, a walk from “The Barn,” where we live to the Main House. I certainly have one of the best commutes on earth.

The Apple Tree Inn has a heated outdoor swimming pool that has the best view in the Berkshires. On warm summer afternoons, while relaxing at poolside, it is often possible to listen to the performance at Tanglewood being carried on southerly breezes.